This week, my blog will talk about a great tool that I used for an oral presentation when I was in Cégep. This tool, called Prezi, does the same job as a PowerPoint. The goal of this website is to present your ideas in an organized way. And that is why Prezi is, in my opinion, the most incredible tool to use when you present something in front of the class.


Why do I like Prezi that much? First of all, when you see a Prezi presentation, it is very interesting and ORIGINAL! It catches your attention, and then, you learn easily. The reason why Prezi is better than PowerPoint is that you can do much more things with the tool. In class presentations, PowerPoint is always used and it gets kind of boring to always see these presentations. Prezi brings a new life to the oral presentation. You can put texts and pictures on Prezi, and you can get a very original animation to present your ideas. A great example to show you how the presentation looks good is this Prezi on Martin Luther King Jr.


Create a Prezi presentation is the easiest thing to do. First of all, you need to register to the website and it is free! Then, you choose a template. There are numerous kinds of template. You can also choose to have a blank template and create everything in your Prezi. After you have choose the template, you are ready to start! You can put your text on the Prezi, and then answers some pictures, or even put videos. It is you who choose how your animation will be made. For instance, you choose the animation from one text to another. It’s so great!


Even though a lot of people, just like me, think that Prezi is a great technological tool, some people think it is not good for oral presentation. Some people do not like it, such as scottberkun, because they think that the transition, the zoom, and the move distract people from the importance of the text. scottberkun thinks that the people who watch the presentation of Prezi are only interest about the animation, and give no attention to the content of the presentation. I do not agree with him, because I think that the text is even more interesting with the animation. When the animation is interesting, I listen more to what the people are talking about. But maybe, this could be different for everybody.

Moreover, some people, such as philpresents, think that it creates a distance between the presenter and the audience. The presenter will spend more time focusing on presenting the animation and retailing what’s written on the Prezi, than explaining while facing the audience. He says “The result is that the presenter is focusing too much on the visuals, and not enough on the audience. This can lead to beautiful visuals, but a failure to communicate effectively.” I agree with him that some people might spend more time working on their Prezi’s presentation than on the content they have to communicate.


In conclusion, even though some people make criticism on this website, I think that Prezi is great and mostly original! I like the fact that there are endless ways to create a Prezi and make it memorable for an oral presentation. As a teacher, I will totally use it with my students and their oral presentation will be interesting and no presentations will look the same!

Here is a great video explaining how to create a Prezi : youtube

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